Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Snark

Julia’s facebook status: April is Autism Awareness Month. I am a person, not a puzzle. It’s not rocket science.

Me: Oh, that explains why I can't find a box cover with your assembly instructions on it. Silly me!

Julia: It's okay. We have poor visual search skills, remember.

Me: Oh, the epic snark makes April bearable.

Julia: I do not snark. I am not capable of wielding language that well. I don't even know what I am saying.

Me: Oh man, you're right! Actually, I'm not even aware of your existence as a distinct human being, right now. Or mine, for that matter. Gee, how am I typing this?

Julia: It's your facilitator, not you. Duh.


Me: by the way can I put our snarky status comments up on my blog?

Julia: …I was just about to ask you
If I could do that
(autistics don’t realize that we are individuals because we all actually think exactly the same thing!)


  1. Wait...autistics are supposed to have poor visual search skills? But I thought you all thought in pictures!


  2. Oh, hell, that was funny.

    Thanks again for posting. You are brilliant. I truly hope my son has this future to look forward to!