Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recommended Reading (and Donating)

I have a lot of links to talk up and that means it's time for recommended reading!

Asher wrote Critical Condition about a clinic in San Francisco called Lyon Martin. Lyon Martin provides respectful health care on a sliding scale to women and trans people. One of my friends gets hormones from Lyon Martin, and it has really made a difference for them to have access to this level of care. But Lyon Martin may have to close, and they're asking for donations so that they can stay open. If you can afford it, please donate on their website!

Amanda, Julia and I are starting a new disability group blog! It's called LOVE-NOS, and it's filling the hole that FWD left in our lives. If you want to be a contributor or write a guest post, please let one of us know. All the posts that are currently up there are great, and you should definitely check it out.

Amanda and I also started bad brains wearing clothes, which is kind of silly but also awesome. It's basically a brain disability fashion blog.

Finally, please read Insanely Cruel, which is everything I wanted to say after the Giffords shooting even though it was written before the Giffords shooting. It's about the assumption that anyone who would kill a lot of people must be "crazy," and how that comes from people's unwillingness to acknowledge their own capacity for evil, and how it's really ableist. This piece is short, too, and it's really important and you should just go read it.

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